Hahne Magic Presents...

John Carney: The Master Sessions

Is it worth it to you? Are you interested in taking the next step with close up? Could you benefit from time with a great sleight-of-hand artist? Or just ask yourself: Are you serious about improving your magic? A GREAT OFFER ...The Master Sessions consists of four separate DVD sessions, each over an hour in length. You cannot buy these DVDs separately. They are only sold as a complete set. The price is $125 for the four-disc collector's case and all four discs. All postage is included. (Please check this website for international postage.) It’s an amazing price for an amazing mixture of inspiring magic. In fact, over the next year, you might pay that much for just three or four individual trick DVDs. John’s goal has been to keep the quality of the material high, the quality of the production high, and the price low, so magicians can benefit from these sessions. We can do that because these discs are only available through our website.

Roberto Giobbi: Card College 1&2
Roberto Giobbi’s remarkable Card College books have become the groundbreaking course in the subject—an analysis of the art, science, technique and philosophy of card magic. Card College has changed the way a generation of magicians have learned card magic, and changed the way they think about it. In this highly anticipated new video project, Roberto’s Card College has been brought to a four DVD set, with nearly eight hours of material. Card College 1&2, Personal Instruction combines Roberto’s lessons with his performances, demonstrations and explanations. Here you have a chance to learn directly from Roberto. He explains the essential moves, the subtle touches, and gives amazing examples that will allow you to add these techniques to your repertoire.