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The Master Sessions: Disc 1 - Winter

Here's what's you'll get on the First Disc:

Exchanged, Expanded and Extracted
John's amazing routine with a copper and silver coin and a handkerchief. It's a complete sequence of magic, inspired by Carlyle, L'Homme Masque, Robert-Houdin and Dai Vernon, and an amazing demonstration of powerful close-up magic.

Is That a Real Mouse?
John's finish for the routine is a practical utility item that he's used for years to surprise audiences. He tells you how to make it, and how to use it.

Coins in the Mist
John's pure sleight two-coin vanish, in which the coins are invisibly "hung" in the air on imaginary hooks. Inspired by Ramsay, it's a masterpiece of coin handling.

Off Ring
John's impromptu version of the Ring off the Wand (using a borrowed ring and a borrowed straw). He explains all the touches that make this a memorable, astonishing piece of magic.

Current Classic
John's Sponge Ball Routine. If you've ever performed with sponge balls, you'll be amazed by his insights and efficient, magical routine. It's not like any sponge ball routine you've ever seen. After years of experience with this routine, John gives you all the tips about managing the spectator to get the perfect effect, and avoid common mishaps.

Versa Vice
An incredible card transposition using John's Versa Switch. He explains the move and details just how it's used in this four-card transposition. It'll become one of your favorites.

Finally, John talks a little bit about learning magic from DVDs and from books, offering professional suggestions about where to look for inspirations and how to develop your own routines.

It's over 80 minutes of material, fantastic magic that you'll use.

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