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The Master Sessions: Disc 2 - Spring

Here's what's you'll get on the Second Disc:

Four Gone
John explains his unique approach to the problems of making four cards disappear. He gives you all the background, moves and insights about the audience you need to perfect this close-up miracle.

Four Gone Extra Tips:
John explains how the addition of a prop increases the possibilities of Four Gone even further.

Carneydo: Karate Coin
A powerful yet practical piece of coin magic that can be performed anywhere, updating an old idea that deserves to be reconsidered.

Ambitious Aces
One of John’s favorite card effects, he explains and demonstrates all the touches and details that he’s refined over years of performing. As well as showing the mechanics of the Versa Switch and Top Change, he also explains his thoughts on misdirection.

John presents a complete routine, honed to perfection, which appears to be an impromptu version of the card in matchbox. Ideal for table-hopping in restaurants, it’s practical and surprising.

Slow-Mo Coins
A collection of coin vanishes, based on classics such as Leipzig’s Slow Motion Coin Vanish, Leipzig’s Right There and John Cornelius’ Coin Vanish. John shares tips he learned from masters like Dai Vernon, explaining every variation and move he’s developed to avoid flashing, so that you too can make coins melt into thin air.

To complete this DVD of more than one hour of solid, practical material, John shares his thoughts about practice and rehearsal. He explains how he approaches different types of preparation, offering some useful suggestions on how to focus your rehearsal to make it really pay off.

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