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The Master Sessions: Disc 3 - Summer

Here's what's you'll get on the Third Disc:

Cards Undercover
A perfect piece to entertain a group of friends at a table, with surprising productions and vanishes of cards, culminating in the selected card penetrating a silk handkerchief. With practical explanations John demonstrates every move and explains the thinking behind each idea.

John’s been working on coin vanishes for years, and here he shows several of his favorites. He shares ideas and techniques that he’s studied, and shows you how he’s developed each one into a practical and beautiful effect. There are clear close up shots of each position.

Crystal Flash
A great piece of restaurant magic that John invented early in his career, after a night in a smoky jazz club. With a great story, a couple of small props you can carry in your pocket, and a deck of cards John demonstrates how to mystify an audience. He explains every step of the effect, along with the motivation for every move.

Hot Slot
Inspired by Dr. Sawa’s Slot Machine, Hot Slot is a highly entertaining routine with coins. John brings his own practical and insightful analysis to the piece, taking you through every step. A wonderful effect that will become a favorite in your repertoire.

In Hands Monte
In Hands Monte is a neat version of 3 Card Monte that you can perform in impromptu situations. Every switch is clearly shown in close up shots, while John carefully demonstrates and explains every move.

To round out this DVD of unique and practical material, John talks about the way he has kept notebooks throughout his career, and how this helps him to develop ideas. With clever hints and suggestions he explains how to nurture your creativity, improve your magical thinking and translate this into successful performances.

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