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The Master Sessions: Disc 4 - Fall

Here's what's you'll get on the Fourth Disc:

John kicks off the final disc with a demonstration of Swingblade. Although this trick is often dismissed by magicians, John believes this is one of the strongest pieces of impromptu magic he’s ever seen. He shares the unique tips and insights that he learned from Charlie Miller, and shows you how to turn this apparently simple trick into a classic that will amaze your audience.

Muscade Magic
Muscade Magic is John’s own take on the cups and balls, that he’s successfully performed all over the world. John considers himself lucky to have studied with Dai Vernon, and he now shares the knowledge that the Professor passed on to him. He explains all his choices for the props, the moves, the patter and the whole routine. It’s a unique opportunity to study the cups and balls in depth, with an emphasis on practical solutions.

Foote Forward Rise
This novel rising card creates a spooky effect that is one of John’s favorites. He takes you through every step of this very practical card rise that is more secure than a one-handed rise.

Coins, Here to There
This is John’s own version of the coins across routine, with several variations. With his insights and tips, gleaned from years of performance, he explains how to amaze your spectator as coins invisibly fly from one of her hands to the other. Coins, Here to There also includes Old School Coins Across, which is a collection of John’s ideas about coins across, with demonstrations of how he achieves each effect.

Finally John talks about how he studies magic, and how this helps him to constantly improve his magic. Examining different kinds of magic, its history, magicians and their methods helps John approach magic from many different perspectives. John believes that this approach enhances his material and performances, and it can do the same for you.

Table of Contents
DVD 4 includes a full table of contents for all four DVDs in the set.

These four discs were initially offered as a subscription, spanning a year. Every season subscribers received a new dvd: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Now all four discs are available; when you order the set you’ll receive all four dvds immediately, four-and-a-half hours of invaluable and practical material.

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